Horror-Shop Pumpkin Scarecrow Halloween Animatronic

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Pumpkin Scarecrow Halloween Animatronic
Eerie birdwatching with luminous pumpkins, sound and movement

Extremely, creepy pumpkin scarecrow, which with ghostly movement and creepy sound creates a real ghost train feeling. The impressive Halloween Animatronic with a size of approx. 230 cm, flat light and eerie Halloween speeches (engl. ) For real goose bumps. Our Pumpkin Scarecrow is a fantastic Halloween Animatronic and is suitable for professional organizers as well as for private Halloween parties. After assembling the pumpkin scarecrow, this is ready to welcome your Halloween party guests.

The Halloween Animatronic is approx. 230 cm in size and is operated electronically. The nasty pumpkin is lit with flicker light, while the pumpkin head and the shredded upper body, the scarecrow, turns from left to right and back. The pumpkin scarecrow consists of metal, plastic frame, polyester scrap. The Halloween figure comes with a German adapter for the plug, so the Halloween Animatronic fits also for German sockets. You can operate the gourd scarecrow in 3 different modes, activated by motion detector, triggered in a permanent loop or by enclosed footpad.

Scope of supply: 1 x Pumpkin Scarecrow Halloween Animatronic

Content: 1 x Pumpkin Scarecrow Halloween Animatronic, 1 x Doormat with activation function
3 Functions: Continuous operation, motion detector or activation by floor mat
Colour: Orange / Yellow / Beige / Black
Size: approximately 230 cm
material : Metal, plastic, polyester, electronics
Adapter for German connection is included
Fantastic Halloween Animatronic with light, movement & sound

Attention: It is important that the pumpkin scarecrow Animatronic is set free standing,…