Horror-Shop Halloween Books Animatronic

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Halloween Books Animatronic
Magic books in antique look as Halloween decoration with sound & movement

As soon as you enter the creepy villa a bad feeling creeps up on you. The gloomy halls where shadows scurry, the strange butler and creepy paintings that lead a life of their own – something’s wrong here…to find out if the villa is actually cursed, you browse the old library for clues. There’s an antique book catching your eye. You reach for it and: Oops! It’s moving! I wonder if the book was moved by magic. Who knows… maybe someone played a joke on you with our Halloween books Animatronic? Magical books with sound and movement are a must at any Haunted House theme party. The Halloween decoration with sound and movement is a highlight at your ghost party and a popular shock effect at horror parties.

The Halloween Books Animatronic is a cool Halloween decoration with sound and movement. There are 4 books in different colours, arranged one after the other. The scary books as Halloween decoration move, whereby to a squeaking and creaking scary sound first the two middle books move forward and back again. Then the orange book tilts forward and back again – as if by magic. ATTENTION: Make sure that there is no obstacle above the books (shelf or similar), otherwise the movement will be stopped and the article may break. Batteries are NOT included. Discover also our mysterious [{$oxcmp_utils->generateSeoLink(‘25859’)}]

Scope of supply: 1x Halloween Books Animatronic

Color: Brown/Orange/Red/Green
Size: approx. 20 x 15 x 18 cm
Material: plastic
Batteries: 4x AA, not included
Animated scary books for your Halloween library
Please note: Article must have space upwards so that the books can flap out
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