Children’s Vehicle Police White EVA Tyre Leather Seat USB SD MP3 Child Car Vehicle

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Child’s vehicle:
Brand: JC 666
Colour: white

Technical knowledge:
Motor: 2 x 20 W.
Battery: 12V4.5AH
Gears: Automated, 3 Speeds
Dimensions of the vehicle: 112 cm x 68 cm x 50 cm.
Speed: 3-five km/h
Weight: 15 kg
Max. Most load: 30 kg
Charging time: 8 hours.
Driving time: 1-2 hours.
Brake: Automated brake (automotive stands instantly after liberating the accelerator pedal); emergency brake within the remote regulate.

Seat belts
Opening doors
Seat: leather seat
Tyres: comfortable EVA tyres.
Remote regulate: 2.4G
Lighting: LED headlight; illuminated dashboard.
Audio: USB, SD, MP3, melodies and horn