Bag of Dungeon – a Fantasy Adventure Family Travel Board Game for 1 to 4 Players by Gunpowder Studios

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A complete fantasy board game in a bag!… in a box
Randomly generated each time, no two games are the same
Play solo, as a team or against each other


Welcome to the Dungeon!

Bag of Dungeon is a tabletop fantasy board game of adventuring, exploring, fighting monsters and stealing treasure. The usage of a simple-to-play tile-laying system, 1-4 players send their brave adventurers into the unknown to explore a deadly dungeon in a race to find the Ring of Creation and escape with their lives and their loot.

Play classic dungeon adventurers (male or female) – Elves, Dwarves, Fighters and Healers. Find magical items, potions and weapons that can assist you in your quest. Work cooperatively to defeat the dungeon together or turn on your friends to make fame and fortune yours by myself.

A simple-to-play circle of relatives game for heroes of every age.

“This game is light, fun and takes just three minutes to get to the table with an exquisite variety of items.” The Hungry Gamer

What’s in the box

  • 1 game bag
  • 2 tile bags (monsters and items)
  • 40 dungeon tiles
  • 30 monster tiles
  • 40 item tiles
  • 4 character cards (Female and male Elves, Fighters, Healers and Dwarves)
  • 16 wooden cubes
  • 4 wooden meeples
  • 4 6-sided dice
  • 1 Ring of Creation token
  • 28 red/black tokens
  • 1 Red Dragon token
  • A pack of 11 additional Dragon Scroll Mini Quests playing cards

A complete fantasy board game in a bag!… in a box
Randomly generated every time, no two games are the similar
Play solo, as a team or against every other
Easy-to-follow rules, perfect for beginners (a super stealth maths game) or advanced players
Classic Sword & Sorcery – 2nd Edition – Bags of fun!